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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Are Offered?2020-12-18T03:33:43+00:00
  • Private Cremation: Your pet is placed in a chamber that is separate from other pets.
  • Witnessed Cremation: You are present at the time of the process. We have a viewing area for you and anyone else who wish to witness.
  • Communal Cremation: Your pet is cremated along with other pets.
What if my pet dies at home?2020-12-18T03:39:10+00:00

We can come to your home or apartment area anytime. Our phones are always answered, and we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for immediate emergency service.

Is There A Catalog For Pet Urns?2020-12-18T04:45:35+00:00
How Much Does A Pet Cremation Cost?2020-12-18T03:35:12+00:00

Pet cremation is generally priced according to the size of the pet and the owner’s choice between a Private or Communal Cremation. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

How much ashes will you receive?2020-12-18T04:43:51+00:00

Many people wish to know the approximate weight of the ashes in advanced in order to purchase the appropriate size urn or other container. We estimate that it will be roughly 3.5 % of the dog’s weight before being cremated. Follow this link to our full Urn Catalog.

How Long Does It Take to Cremate A Pet?2020-12-18T03:35:48+00:00

Smaller animals like birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, small-breed dogs and cats are usually incinerated in a short time, that is, within 30-45 minutes.  Larger animals, however, may take hours, depending upon the weight.

How does pet cremation work?2020-12-18T03:24:03+00:00

The body is placed into a cremation chamber and subjected to extreme heat. The temperature is so intense it vaporizes most of the organic matter and incinerates the bones, which are reduced down to fragments. After a cooling period, they are ground to a finer consistency using a cremulator. The cremains are then collected and presented to the family.

Can My Pet’s Blanket and Other Belongings Also Be Cremated?2020-12-18T03:36:38+00:00

We do not cremate pets with plastic toys, blankets, and other belongings as regulatory agencies do not allow this practice because it is not environment-friendly.  Please contact us for more information.

Can I bring my pet to you myself?2020-12-18T03:38:36+00:00

Yes, anyone can transport their own pet to our facilities.


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