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Our Mission is to honor your four pawed family member with dignity and respect, bringing comfort and understanding to you and your family in a difficult time.

Peaceful Paws was founded by Julian Rivera, Joseph C. Moncaleano and Paul H Butler. After losing our loved ones Sasha in 2014, Haley in 2018 and Molly in 2019 we discovered that a truly compassionate final service company in time of grief was almost non-existent.

Well, this is exactly why we started Peaceful Paws. Here, we only offer private cremations without any extra charges. The public doesn’t cremate humans together and we do not believe our four-legged family members should either. We are true animal lovers that know love and dignity should be given to every creature on earth. All cremations are performed at our State-of-the-Art facility in North Miami (Medley).

At owner’s request, you may be present during the cremation process. We also offer a beautiful viewing room at no charge for special services of your lost loved one. Here at Peaceful Paws we offer love and compassion for your four-legged family members with the same dignity and respect that’s given everyone in your family.



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