Choosing to cremate your pet, putting the cremated remains in an urn to either bury or keep close to you is one way to feel closure and find a connection with your pet after their passing. Our pets are an important part of our lives and we owe it to them, when they leave us, to pay them tribute. A specialized pet urn brings you closure amid your crisis.

An Urn can be made to hold your pet’s remains. Should you want a specialized pet urn that can also be arranged with a pet cremation in Miami. There are several designs and materials available. Considering the size of the niche, however, is crucial if you are considering placing the urn in a columbarium. Also, you will want a larger urn should you choose to place inside it your pet’s favorite toy.

For a specialized urn, though, we recommend the following ideas.

Connecting to Your Pet

Try thinking of your pet and what they did. Their favorite toy, game, or activity. Choose a picture from an album and put that up on the urn. Was your dog a fan of bone burying? Then think of buying a bone-shaped urn, hearts, also a dog bed.


Objects have memories. More so, they remind us of times lives and moments enjoyed. Was there a special day that you spent with your dog? What clothes did you had on that day. Consider using material off those clothes to specialize your urn. Apart from customizing, a pet urn comes in closionne, granite, marble, wood, and metal. Pick your material accordingly with your decision: bury the urn or display it in a columbarium.


You can put up your pet’s name, date of birth, or death, too, to feel more connected to your pet. Remember, our pets may leave us, but a part of them always remains in our hearts. Lettering on an urn can be put either right on the material of the urn itself, or on another material, like wood, and be kept as a separate engraving next to the urn. You can choose to go about it in whatever you like.

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